In this workshop the author has presented her ideas on development as ground experience of the self, and psychopathology as based on the distinct experiences of the ground. This work has been developed in the last writings of the author about 3 ideas: the Polyphonic Development of Domains, the Aesthetic Relational Knowledge and the Dance Steps between caregivers and child and between therapist and client. Starting from the Gestalt theory of self, Margherita describes the client’s experiential ground (the Polyphonic Development of Domains, Spagnuolo Lobb, 2012), and offers a practical tool for staying in the co-created contact, while considering the developmental aspects as ground experience of psychopathology. The author takes the “complexity of perceptions in a field” into account and describes the co-creation of contact as “Dance Steps” (Spagnuolo Lobb, 2017a; 2017b). Considering the excitement experienced at the contact boundary, the vital competences and the risks related to each Domain, the therapist (or researcher) can function as an instrument in his/her resonating with the field. A grid of the experiential aspects is presented, in order to support Gestalt therapists and researchers to look at primary and/or therapeutic contacts.

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