International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

Intensive Gestalt Group Therapy with Schizophrenics

Gestalt psychotherapyResearchIndividual randomized controlled trials with small samplesEnglish
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Investigated the use of a model for group psychotherapy based on Gestalt therapy with hospitalized schizophrenics. Ss were 14 newly admitted schizophrenic patients (mean age 28.42 yrs) who were assigned randomly to either the experimental or control groups. The general group process for the experimental group focused on differentiated perception and the ability to relate concrete elements of reality in organized patterns, emphasis on logical thinking, and the internalization of reality perception. Ss completed self-report measures on perception of basic elements, perception of self and others, and evaluation of self-concept 1 wk before beginning therapy and 1 wk after the last meeting. Results lend some support to the notion that a group experience that emphasizes experiential learning and development of awareness has a positive impact on the reality testing of schizophrenic patients. There was some improvement in the experimental group's perception of self and others and a significant improvement in the presentation of body image.

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Serok, S., Rabin, C., & Spitz, Y. (1984). Intensive Gestalt Group Therapy with Schizophrenics. International Journal Of Group Psychotherapy, 34, 431-450.