Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand

Creating a Fidelity Scale for Gestalt Therapy

Madeleine Fogarty
Gestalt psychotherapyResearch methodologyEnglish
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This paper is based on a presentation at the 9th International GANZ Conference in Brisbane, October 2014. I have tried not to alter it too much, but am uncomfortably aware that there are augmentations and additions that I was tempted to include, particularly since attending the 2nd International Gestalt Research Conference in Cape Cod in May 2015. However, I have been encouraged to stay as close to the original presentation as possible. Suffice to say that there is currently a lot more research going on in Gestalt than this article suggests, and the collaborative environment at that conference bodes well for the future of Gestalt therapy.

APA citation

Fogarty, M. (2015). Creating a Fidelity Scale for Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt Journal Of Australia And New Zealand, 11, 39-54, .