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A Gestalt approach in the care of persons with HIV

Gestalt psychotherapyResearchIndividual randomized controlled trials with small samplesEnglish
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Discusses a research project in which Gestalt methodology was evaluated as a support for male homosexuals who were HIV seropositive. Using 2 experimental groups and 1 control group, the study explored the effectiveness of the psychotherapeutic models of stress-management and experiential-Gestalt with regard to the psychosocial influences on the biomedical status of the Ss. One of the aims of the group-therapy approach was to have the Ss' see the foreground as being the HIV-positiveness and the background as being the whole life. Data on the impact of therapy on the immune system indicate slightly better results for experiential-Gestalt Ss than for other Ss. Within most parameters, such as mood change, sense of well-being, and depression, the 2 therapy approaches were comparable. However, experiential-Gestalt Ss showed a slightly smaller decrease in numbers of T cells than did the stress-management Ss.

APA citation

Siemens, H. (1993). A Gestalt approach in the care of persons with HIV. Gestalt Journal, 16, 91-104.