Psihijatrija Danas

Primena geštalt terapije u radu sa mladima

Gestalt therapy applied in the work with adolescents

Mladen Kostić
Gestalt psychotherapyResearchExpert opinionCroatian
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Discusses Gestalt therapy as an effective approach both in therapeutic and preventive work with adolescents. A horizontal I-you relationship corresponds to adolescents, increasing their confidence and making them more active and responsible. The importance of consciousness, self decision-making, "here and now" principle, responsibility toward oneself and others, experimenting, and various activities of the clients themselves are emphasized. Findings confirm the efficacy of Gestalt therapy as a therapeutic approach that stimulates both the further development of an individual and his/her potential.

APA citation

Kostić, M. (1981). Primena geštalt terapije u radu sa mladima. Psihijatrija Danas, 13(1.2), 31-33.