Psychological Reports

Use of Dreams in Therapy: A Survey of Clinicians in Private Practice

John Keller, Gina Brown, Katja Maier, Korinne Steinfurth, Shelly Hall, Chris Piotrowski
Gestalt psychotherapy, PsychoanalysisResearchExpert opinionEnglish
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A literature review indicated a dearth of research on how dreams are used in therapeutic settings so a questionnaire was sent to a random sample of 500 members of the Florida Psychological Association to assess (a) the extent of dream use in therapy, (b) theoretical approaches applied to dream interpretation, and (c) basis for experience and expertise in dream work. Of the 500 potential clinicians, 228 returned survey forms for a response rate of 46%. Analysis indicated that 83% of the respondents used dream material at least occasionally in their practice and that Freudian and Gestalt approaches were most often used in dream interpretation. Interestingly, most respondents gained their 'experience' in dream work through self-study and continuing education workshops and seminars.

APA citation

Keller, J., Brown, G., Maier, K., Steinfurth, K., Hall, S., & Piotrowski, C. (1995). Use of Dreams in Therapy: A Survey of Clinicians in Private Practice. Psychological Reports, 76(3 pt 2), 1288-1290.